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Help Finnish Red Cross

Yemen, suffering from conflict and drought, is in great need of help. The funds collected for Finnish Red Cross will go to Yemen and assists several hospitals in the country by delivering goods. The task is vital, because battles are fought at the important commercial port of Hodeida on the shores of the Red Sea, and due to embargoes, the import-dependent Yemen has shortages of water, food and medicine. Finnish Red Cross deliver fluids, food, consumables and medicine, but we also deliver equipment for the artificial kidney unit, because the Yemen Ministry of Public Health is not able to do it. We at Voksenliv encourages every employee to give donations to Finnish Red Cross and challenge our digital marketing partners and to match contributions from Voksenliv employees. Every donations, even its small will help Finnish Red Cross to help people in Yemen. Hope every employee at will contribute to this noble cause. Last year and this year, the Finnish Red Cross has supported the people in Yemen by a total of EUR 200,000 from its Disaster Relief Fund. The money is directed to the ICRC, which supports treatment centres that have treated more than 61,300 patients. The worst of the cholera epidemic may be over, but it is still estimated that 36,000 - 40,000 people are infected every week. Sewage cannot be treated properly, which is the major cause of the spread of cholera. Finnish Red Cross have worked actively to improve sanitation and water supply by means such as chlorinating contaminated water sources and helping households to purify water. In Yemen, there are over 20 million people who need help. In addition to cholera, roughly 20 people die every day due to treatable injuries and illnesses.

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