Hannes Snellman | Hunger Day 2020
Hannes Snellman Helsinki The Finnish Red Cross Hunger Day Collection

Hannes Snellman | Hunger Day 2020

Hannes Snellman has a heritage of serving the community. Today, we are involved in a wide range of initiatives related to corporate citizenship by contributing with our expertise and resources to promote values and causes that benefit our community – locally and globally. Proposals received from our personnel form the basis of this work, and we continuously cultivate and develop our role in this area. One of our traditional corporate citizenship activities has been participation in Red Cross’s Hunger Day campaign as street collectors. This year, we are joining Red Cross’s virtual collection online. On the Hunger Day, uncommitted funds will be raised in the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Funds are not tied to a specific item in advance. Therefore, funds can be used quickly where the need for help is the greatest. The economic downturn caused by the corona crisis threatens to push the poorest people into an ever-worsening hunger crisis at an accelerating pace. Through Hunger Day, the Red Cross fights the coronavirus and mitigates its effects around the world in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. With the funds raised during the Hunger Day, it will be possible to provide emergency aid to the area. With the help of cash and food donations, people will get over the worst. Without food, there is no security, no hope, no future. Join us to care, participate, and help.

Amount Raised:
Target: 1,000 €
9/2/2020 9/27/2020



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Hannes Snellman | Hunger Day 2020
Hannes Snellman
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